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Thokkanam is a special procedure in treating vatha diseases such as arthrities, low back pain, cervical spondylosis, paraplegia, hemiplegia,etc.This treatment is done by specialized persons only. The treatment is carried on in nine postures for a period of minimum seven days. This treatment is done with specially made herbal oil. For some patients the treatment is done in several phases according to their proportion of the disease. Generally paralysed patients need a long term treatment.


Generally white discharge is of two types. They are Infectious and Non-infectious.White discharge caused by infections must be treated immediately without fail. If left untreated it will cause foul smelling cloudy discharge along with an itching sensation. Further the infection may spread to the internal organs like uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, etc causing severe backache, profuse bleeding along with white discharge etc.Non-infectious white discharge is generally due to the mode of work, life style, tension, mode of diet, climatic changes, hygienic conditions, anemia, etc. Both these types are treated with pure herbal drugs made as per the proportion of the siddhars in our hospital with success.


Kidney Stones at a size of more than 12 mm were treated in our hospital with success. Treatment is carried out by specially made siddha medicines for a period of 90 days. This treatment has a strict food code.


Alcoholic addicts are treated in our hospital with or without their knowledge with 100% success. The medicine is purely herbal and has no side effects. This course of medicine is for 90 days.


Excessive bleeding, irregular periods, painful periods, PCOD, PID, etc are treated in our hospital. Our Lady doctor has a specialization in these diseases and treats patients with care and success.


Speciality department for treating the cases of infertility for both males and females works 24 hrs. Cases are approached with confidentiality and scientifically and best results are produced. Both of our doctors are well trained in this departement and special care is taken by yhem in infertility cases. They are having a concept of producing Siddha babies whoaremore immune to this polluted world.